Things (Things3) on Tidbyt

I’m on macOS and I use the very popular Things app to help me stay on task through the day. I wanted to put my “Today” todo list on my tidbyt. Unfortunately, Things doesn’t have an API for their cloud service, so I went a different route and used AppleScript to grab the data from Things, write to a .star file, and then set up a cron to render and push to the tidbyt. Here is the general way it works…

  1. AppleScript
    • pull todo data from Things app
    • overwrite existing file with updated todo list (current limit 3 items)
    • option to write todo list to file
    • renders large app image with crossed circle for 0 items
    • renders small icon top center for 1 and 2 items
    • renders small icon left center for 3 items
    • working on option to vertical scroll with 1 item layout
  3. cron
    • shell script to run AppleScript and pixlet render webp
    • shell script to push webp to tidbyt
    • shell scripts set to run on certain hour intervals and 10 seconds apart

Now Things is on my tidbyt. The pictures don’t do it justice, it looks great! Since I’m a new user on the forum, I can’t post more than one picture in the post, so you can find more pictures on my github:


Beautiful! This is one of the first things I want to put on my Tidbyt when it arrives.

added the Upcoming list and vertical scroll. shown with test data obviously…