The time on the new clock apps are two hours wrong

The time seem to be wrong in these two new apps

I looked at the code and both apps are handling the timezone configuration wrong :frowning:

I couldn’t find the app authors here or at Discord to notify them so I’ll try to submit a fix and they will have to approve it in Github.

Edit: PRs have been opened:

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@candido the apps have been fixed!

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Gracias, thank you so much

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I still see discrepancies in the clock apps mentioned above

Where are you located?
I just tested here and both apps are fine.

For “Company Clock”, you set your location directly in the app.
For “Gradient Clock”, it will use the same location as the device (on Tidbyt mobile app, click the :gear: icon and go to the “General”).

I’m in the Northeast in USA. I took a screenshot from the Tidbyt app directly. The Gradient clock is slightly off

I think the previews are rendered and cached for some time.
If you install the app on your device it should work fine.