Text On Tidbyt

Can someone explain how much text can be displayed using Tidbyt? What limitations there are, best fonts, etc. Would love to have a quote of the day feature. Not really expecting much but I’m sure you can get creative.

Hey Victor!

Quote of the day definitely sounds like a nice applet a lot of people could enjoy, and it has been brought up earlier as a feature request.

Not sure if you’re comfortable writing some code or not, but if you are then our SDK (Pixlet) comes with a couple of fonts baked in and makes it pretty easy to experiment with stuff like this.

To build on this

There is a few fonts available, and hope one day custom fonts can be implemented easily (perhaps a custom map)
In experimentation, I could fit 4 lines of text if using entire 32px height available.

Highly recommend checking out the wikis for the Pixlet application to see how they can be used

On the Pixlet site it says:

Install on macOS
brew install tidbyt/tidbyt/pixlet

How do I install it? I copy and pasted “brew install tidbyt/tidbyt/pixlet” into the terminal. It tells me that command not found.

You need to install Command Line Tools for Xcode first from the apple developer website. Then you need to install homebrew