Testing tools and best practices?

My Tidbyt finally arrived (hurray!) and I’m eager to start app development. In reviewing the docs and community discussion I’ve been unable to find any information on automated testing tools, approaches, and best practices. I’m curious what others are doing in this regard.

Hey, Late to the party, but so far I don’t have my Tidbyt yet, but I started to practice developing some applets. My first one is an Apex Legends Tracker (stats and map rotation). Honestly, I felt the same way you did. I had no idea where to start and the documentation only helped me so much. I would try and come up with an idea you want to create and find something similar on this forum or the community repo on Github. I saw this idea of a marquee and I just kept changing a little bit of code in order to fully make it mine and get it exactly how I wanted it. In order to test it, I used this documentation on Github to learn how to push my code locally so I can see it on tidbyt like screen. Hope this helps!