Test API call on documentation is a fail

See image. I go to the API docs and try to test with no luck. Is the API working or is the documentation test having issues? Wanted to verify before diving in on a project.

The API is up and running. If you copy the code from the “Request Sample” box and run it, everything actually works.

But it seems like the test tool in the documentation is broken. Looking into it.

Thanks @rohan . That’s what I assumed. I see there is no way to make my own app yet which is sad. I want to create a fantasy football yahoo app and also one for my iOS app to track use across the world on my tidbyt. I assume an SDK is coming.

While we don’t have a full SDK yet, we do have Pixlet:

It’s a toolkit for building applets, and it’s the same toolkit we use to build our own applets for Tidbyt. What we’re working on now is a way to publish and share these applets among the community.

By the way, the test tool in the documentation is fixed now too. Thanks for reporting the issue!