TeslaFI app help

I am trying out the TeslaFi app created by mrrobot245. I did obtain an API key for my Tesla, and entered it into the app’s API key field. I now see a clock on the TeslaFi app in my active apps list. Is there any indication the key was entered correctly?


I am not the dev, but I am using the app. There’s no validation. I am sure you know the answer by now, but in case others read this… I didn’t have a TeslaFi account until this app was released, and it took about 10 hours before I could see any data being populated on the TeslaFi side, at which point I could see the data on the Tidbyt too.

Thanks this is helpful, I did not know I needed a TeslaFi account. I was using the API key from tesla’s own website. let me sign up on TeslaFi.

Were you ever able to get this to work? I have the same issue. Got the API key from TeslaFi but still just have the clock and nothing shows on the device.

Could the developer @mrrobot245 perhaps provide a way to use the API string here? I have tried using just the API key, the Authorization script, etc and it still just shows the clock… Would love to know if anyone has solved this…

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Same man, was really looking forward to using this one… the query in the code seems to work fine for me. Just wondering if TeslaFi made an api change and this didnt catch up?

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