TeslaFI app help

I am trying out the TeslaFi app created by mrrobot245. I did obtain an API key for my Tesla, and entered it into the app’s API key field. I now see a clock on the TeslaFi app in my active apps list. Is there any indication the key was entered correctly?


I am not the dev, but I am using the app. There’s no validation. I am sure you know the answer by now, but in case others read this… I didn’t have a TeslaFi account until this app was released, and it took about 10 hours before I could see any data being populated on the TeslaFi side, at which point I could see the data on the Tidbyt too.

Thanks this is helpful, I did not know I needed a TeslaFi account. I was using the API key from tesla’s own website. let me sign up on TeslaFi.