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Is anyone working on an ATP/WTA app? With the Australian Open and Australian swing coming up soon it’d be awesome to have

Definitely interested in that as well. I’ll take a look at the available APIs and see if I can put something together.

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I think I made this work. I tried to post references to what I’ve done, but I’m new to the forum, so I’m not allowed to have more than one link on my posts. Here’s what I wanted to post here: Tennis App for TidByt · GitHub


I’m working on an app too. Its ready but the ESPN API has been very slow to update during the first day of the Aus Open. Its been fine in the lead up events. Here’s a little sample


You have an option to just show the in progress matches

@MontyP ahh bummer! Maybe due to it being the first day? Hopefully it gets better cause the layout looked good!

Could be, it was only updating every 1-2 hours. I tried from different IPs and different computers in case I was being blocked or banned but same result.

Lets see how it goes today

Looks like the same again today, 45mins of play and its still showing matches as “scheduled” not “in progress”. I found an alternate ESPN API which is a few minutes behind live play but I’d have to change the code in my app to suit the different JSON format

Finally after 2.5hrs we have some scores :smiley:

Its still not right though as the Rublev v Thiem match has the set scores but still shows the match as scheduled, even though its completed :confused:

Wow that is slow! Well dang would love to see it but understand if changing your code isn’t worth it too

I don’t think its worth it. I probably wouldn’t get it ready in time for this week’s round of app publishing and by next week the tournament will be almost over.

I just hope its still ok for when the regular tournaments get going again

Late to the show here…but does the TNNS LIVE app have an API that you could tap into?

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I had another look at the ESPN API and it seemed to be up to date with the game scores. I also had a look at the TNNS LIVE one and its probably not as nice to deal with

I’ll try and resurrect this app and get it published


FYI, I’ve submitted both ATP and WTA apps for approval


The ATP version is ready to install, but for some reason the WTA one isn’t. Both were approved last week so its a bit weird, might have to wait for this week’s round of approvals before WTA is ready to go

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Just saw this in time for Madrid. Super cool!!!

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