TempestWX Temp showing in "C" only

Just set up my new unit. All is great, one minor problem. Temperature on Tidbyt is displaying in C instead of F. On my tempest account its set for F. For the moment I have it alternating to default clock/weather app which at least shows me temps in F. (Hey I might learn to convert more than freezing, boiling and 16/61 degree temps if I keep looking at it)

All other items on the tidbyt follow my settings… i can change preferences for wind speed from mph to kph and it reflects in the tidbyt. Same for barometric pressure. Just the temperature is displaying wrong. I did try setting temperature prefs from F to C and then back to F on tempest account. Did not help either.

Les F

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Same issue. Came here looking for solution. Thanks

This should now be fixed. Please let me know if you’re still seeing the wrong units.

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