Tempest Weather not displaying

I realized this morning that neither of my two Tempest weather stations are displaying data on my Tidbyts. Until now this has been working properly for quite some time.

Data from stations is reaching and displaying properly on the Tempest web site so I’m thinking must be an issue with the Tidbyt fetch??

Anyone else experiencing this?

Same here. The app was working yesterday (and had been since Tydbit launch).

It looks like the app now has a different author? Can we get it rolled back to the old version?


OK, it’s working once again, but with a very different display now!

Ugh ya. The “updated version” is an ugly cluttered mess. Roll back!! :grimacing:


Hey folks, sorry about the temporary outage. This should be working now.

We updated to a version provided by a community member that shows feels like temperature and other data. Personally I think it’s great to have the additional info.

If there’s a strong desire for it, potentially we could add an option to switch between the two layouts.

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Also seeing some incorrect values.

I’d prefer also if there was an option to not show the feels like value.

All subjective but this seems cluttered a step back aesthetically.


+1 to have an option to switch back to the older version. More information does not necessarily mean better, especially when the meaning of the information is not obvious. (There’s two temperatures displayed - which is which?)

Yeah that’s a fair point. I’ll see what we can do around this.

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Agreed the two temps is not intuitive, especially for casual observers.

Maybe a standard and enhanced view would be useful if there is demand for more info

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Another +1 for the option to have either the legacy or “enhanced” display.

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So glad to see display back online. Like many of you I was at first put off by the seemingly cluttered new display. That said, I have really longed for a display of rain amount and am very pleased to see that now incorporated. And, the more I view the new display format the less I am bothered by the new format.

I do agree with most that the 2nd temperature display is redundant and confusing. Perhaps a good use of that space (if used at all) would be one of the solar values or maybe T delta??

I sincerely appreciate the effort that is being put in to make the Tempest App as robust as the outstanding Tempest weather station itself!

I like the new display, though I did wonder what the second temperature was. I was hoping it might be dewpoint, but it clearly wasn’t. BTW, dewpoint is a much more useful variable than relative humidity and I wish there could be a choice between displaying one or the other (speaking as a meteorologist). The pressure display is much cleaner with only one arrow for tendency. Also, unless the precipitation amount is in x.xx format, a single digit is of little use. I have rain showing on my app today (0.01") and zero is being displayed.

The info at the bottom seems squished/cut off and the sun looks weird with only one ray on each side. Might as well go without them.

I was just thinking…Since there’s so much info from Tempest and everyone seems to want different things, why not split them into multiple apps by categories like:

Basic Info (more like the old display)
Temperatures (Air Temp, Wind Chill, etc.)
Wind (speed, direction, gusts, etc.)
And so on…

Then we could mix and match the categories we want with a less-cluttered display.

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If I knew how to code, this would be my design. The current display looks cluttered because it’s not laid out well. First, the temperature display color would be dependent on the temperature, white for frost below 32 degrees, red for heat above 80 degrees, and yellow in between those temps. I would either eliminate the second temp or change it to a lightning strike counter. The relative humidity would be in green because high humidity makes plants grow. The rain amount should be in blue for water, and the same brightness as the other readings. The barometric pressure and trend should be shifted several spaces to the right. That would free up space on the lower left corner for a full graphical display of the current conditions. Not the cutoff one it has now. If anyone knows how to code and think my ideas are useful, feel free to use them.

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I just discovered this morning that there is now an option on the app to display either the apparent temperature or the dew point. Thanks for providing the option - you rock!