Teams/Skype/Zoom presence

Would love to have presence integration for Microsoft Teams / Zoom to show my status or when I’m on a call.

I posted this over on a Feature request for Status / Busy Light. This is the same thing to me, but I’m posting my thoughts here also:

This seems really similar to some other feature requests like the one I previously posted for Teams/Skype/Zoom integration (teams-skype-zoom-presence/429/2). Basically, I don’t care what my calendar says, I want presence integration to display my status from conferencing software.

For example, when I’m Away I want to display my Presence Status and Activity. This looks pretty simple to do with Microsoft Teams as they have tons of API and documentation available. Ideally, if we can get the Color of the Availability Status and the Activity of status displayed with a nice graphic it would be what I’m looking for:

availability - string collection
The base presence information for a user. Possible values are Available, AvailableIdle, Away, BeRightBack, Busy, BusyIdle, DoNotDisturb, Offline, PresenceUnknown|

activity - string collection
The supplemental information to a user’s availability. Possible values are Available, Away, BeRightBack, Busy, DoNotDisturb, InACall, InAConferenceCall, Inactive,InAMeeting, Offline, OffWork,OutOfOffice, PresenceUnknown,Presenting, UrgentInterruptionsOnly.|

I’d be willing to contribute to help write this. I’m not familiar yet with the Tidbyt API or system yet, but I’ve backed a few of the devices and excited to get the most use out of them!

API Resources for Microsoft Teams:

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