Tamagotchi-like game

seeing our Pet moving and feeding it with mobile apps would be fun!

Hey @Roudaille_No_Soucy. Are you familiar with Flipper Zero? It was a Kickstarter project from a few months ago, and it’s described as a “Tamagotchi for hackers”:

I’ve ordered one along with their development kit, really hoping to be able to integrate it with Tidbyt somehow. Would be so cool to have a Tamagotchi thing that could go between your pocket and the Tidbyt.

hey rohan,

nice tool! where is it available now? Would love playing with it as well!

I backed it on Kickstarter so I’m hoping mine arrives soon :slight_smile: You can preorder one from their second batch here:

so cool, thank you I will buy the coupon for next wave!
By the way, nice job Rohan, I backed Tidbyt and it looks promising! Can’t wait to play with it!

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