Switch Wi-Fi networks without losing your apps

Hey folks,

We’ve improved the experience for switching Wi-Fi networks (or resetting your Tidbyt in general).

You’ve always been able to switch Wi-Fi networks by holding down the blue reset button for 5 seconds, and then setting up your Tidbyt again on the new network.

Previously, this would delete any apps and schedules you had. Now though, any apps that you previously had installed on the same Tidbyt will be restored. This includes app settings and schedules.

UPDATE: Full instructions are here:


Tried this and now I can’t get pass this screen. I have my Tidbyt app and nothing happens or prompts


Apparently the only way to get passed that is to setup a new device. Which is confusing since now I have “2” devices. The newly setup device is basically a copy with all the apps from the original one. However now I have 2 devices listed. Another thing that I noticed is that it isn’t a perfect copy. It seems to be missing many of the apps from my original setup. Now back to that screen with the “2” devices. I attempted to go back to that screen and click my original device. I tap on that and it shows me the whole list of apps. They are all there since it was my original setup. However….it seems that my Tidbyt it is still displaying the secondary device (prueba) which was created and only has the apps partially.

Yup that’s correct, after reset you’ll need to set it up again. I think we can improve the user experience here.

That said, if you restart the Tidbyt app on your phone, the “old” device should disappear. I’ll push out an update soon so that it disappears right away.

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Re: Update. As you mentioned, the other device should disappear. It did after a few mins and a few opening and closing the app. Now I no longer see another device listed and my apps now all fully show

Awesome, glad it worked. The experience should be smoother once we release a corresponding update to the mobile app.