Why do I get the feeling there is not much support offered for the original Tidbyt anymore? Are the apps being updated at all? Seems like a lot of them aren’t working at all, or very poorly :angry: Not much incentive to buy the next generation if this is the kind of support that we’re going to get.

It depends on the app, most of which aren’t developed by Tidbyt. It’s been a while since I’ve noticed any new apps though. One problem I keep seeing is there are a lot of great ideas that are possible, but the cost of using some APIs is too high.

It would be nice if there were more core apps created and maintained by Tidbyt themselves. I don’t plan on getting a 2nd gen unit at this point, but I’m happy with the one I have. There are still plenty of working apps, but everyone uses it for different reasons.

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Sadly it is one of Tidbyt’s apps, that’s what I find it so annoying. No chance I would ever buy a 2nd generation one if they’re not even going to provide support to their own apps.

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Community apps are still being created and update regularly by developers.
Just look at the number of open/closed PRs on Github, some of them are for adding new apps while others are fixes.

But I agree with your point, the Tidbyt staff should strive to maintain official apps in a working state.

I agree, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen an app that got me excited. I enjoy my tidbyt still but I don’t check for new apps often anymore. They’re usually just clocks or public transit that’s not near me.

One of the problems is that the mobile app does not do a very good job of showing you the latest apps.
There is a “what’s new” section there, but it doesn’t really show the latest apps. :frowning_face: