Sun rise/set times appear to be wrong

Possibly related to night mode not working. I’m in Western Australia and at 11am I’m still having the screen dimmed on me because tidbyt thinks it’s night time. When I disable the setting it immediately comes to full brightness.
Possibly a time zone conversion issue?

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I do agree that this is the root cause of the issue of the night mode problem I’m having

I’ve been seeing this issue for a couple days. It appears as if my Tidbyt thinks it’s 12 hours ahead/behind(internally). I have dim at sunset off, but night mode starting @ 10:30p to 7:00a. I haven’t watched it at exactly these times, but it dims during my day, then brightens at dark. Perhaps the times need to be switched? I’ll test that out. (Currently in NC, EST)

After a few minutes of testing: Night mode(clock only) is still performing as expected, dim for night mode is where my issue lies, currently the times for dim are reversed. Disabling night mode and only using dim at sunset exhibits the same behavior.

We need to test this more thoroughly with every time zone and see where the issue is. Will keep you posted.

Thanks for looking into this @rohan. For the time being, I’ve just made my overall brightness 18% and disabled Night mode/Dimming. If you need anything, please feel free to ask!

I have the same issue. I’m in CET timezone and the tidbyt gets dimmed in the morning and is bright at night :confused: The time is correct.

I’d also like a little more flexibility how much it is dimmed (or to turn it off completely at night).