Stuck on Tidbyt Connecting

My Tidbyt has been cycling back to the Tidbyt automation and it keeps scrolling. I can reset it, and it could work for a week with no issues, or could use a reset after a few days. I see from previous post that it was a server update, but my issue started after the July post.

Now it is stuck on Connecting

I am having the same issue this morning

This should be working now. No reset should be required.

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I’m having an unusual issue where either I cannot figure out what email I used to initially set up my Tidbyt or the app and box became disconnected.

My app logged out of its account but when I login using all the gmail accounts I would have used, there is no Tidbyt setup and it asks me to set up a new one.

The box itself is stuck on saying “connecting…” no matter what I do. This all started weeks ago when our wifi went out.

Not sure what to do. Shouldn’t I have received an email when I initially set up a Tidbyt? Until I just made this account here to post this, I have no emails from Tidbyt.

This issue hasn’t been resolved for me. I’ve followed all the steps listed on the site for connecting and it still won’t show up on the app. Sending emails to support have been ineffective as well. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.