Strava App not Working

@rgkimball Hi Rob, I LOVE the idea of the Strava app on the Tidbyt, in fact I bought the unit mostly for the Strava integration. For some reason, I can’t get it to work. It shows up in my Installed Apps list, but with a generic Tidbyt graphic, and it doesn’t show up on the display. Anything I should try? Thanks!

It has been not working for me for at least a week or so myself. I even went to the Strava site > Settings > My Apps and revoked access for Tidbyt, and tried to set it up again. Still nothing.

Same here. I suspect that it’s API rate limiting on the key the app uses?

Hi All, it seems more often than not in the couple weeks that Strava hasn’t been working due to API limit reached. Is there a solution coming for this?

Same here! I haven’t had it work at all.

Replying for an update. Bought this pretty much for this app.

My Strava app isn’t working either. Basically purchased for this functionality as well.

Any update? I too am considering getting a Tidbyt, but Strava integration is a big draw for me.

Should be working now! We were approved by Strava a few months ago for a higher API limit, and I’ve got Strava on my office Tidbyt right now.

Yea has been working for me recently as well! Great news!

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