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Only recently started using this app but monthly last activity isn’t showing up (only giving me that clock symbol) and monthly and ytd progress only showing 0 rides, 0 miles (not accurate). Anyone else having these problems or am I doing something wrong on my end?


I deleted it. I would use it for walks, but it doesnt support that. Pretty worthless

@strumgum Would be happy to look into this for you - would you mind sharing your athlete ID?

Hey @WesAdams1, creator of the Strava app here. I have to admit, I don’t love hearing that someone found the app to be worthless and I’d like to help accommodate your use case. When I built this I was mainly considering triathletes (Strava’s core audience), hence the focus on Running/Cycling/Swimming, though I can certainly see how others might benefit from extending this! Before I start building, can you share any of your thoughts about what you would expect to see for your walks and hikes?


@rgkimball - Cyclist here, love this app. I record other activities on Strava as well, workouts etc., but not sure how relevant statistics would be (minutes spent doing them?). Anyway, been getting an error the last couple of days and now the app appears to be non-functional…is there anything I can do on my end to get it working again? Thanks!

Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed it! What error message are you seeing? We have hit the API ceiling before but I expect that would affect everyone and I haven’t noticed anything strange on my device lately.

As far as workouts, what metrics would keep you motivated? Calories burned? Avg heart rate? I’ve tracked a few gym sessions as well and the data reported is sparse. I wonder if that effort would be better spent building a Garmin Connect app instead.

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I would love to see walking stats. Maybe Daily, monthly, yearly stats for walks completed and total miles / steps.


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@rgkimball Hello!

I just received my Tidbyt, and I am getting an error with the Strava app. My profile is Strava Runner Profile | JoAnna Hackney. I have scrolled through different settings including all YTD stats, Monthly, etc. It is set on running and Imperial and I have connected my account. Any suggestions?


Hi everyone!

Just received my Tibyt and set it up for Strava - I linked my account, but all I get is a clock on the MyTibyt app and nothing on the Tibyt - I have this set up for running and cycling - will wait for the swimming :), but I do not see anything - Have a Strava Premium account if that matters - @rgkimball thanks for working on this app! Looking forward to it! If it helps my Strava Id is:1977547

Never mind… I walked away for a few hrs and its working… Odd - Very awesome!

Thank you for such an awesome app!

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Weird… And its not working again.

@Scoobdawg Same issue. I posted yesterday, it started working last night, and isn’t again.

I tried to add a second instance for runs after using the first instance for cycling for months, and neither worked. After deleting both and re-adding, I looked for a support issue and found this. Looks like I am a victim of the API ceiling. Thank you for connecting the dots - I should not have added another or deleted my first…:unamused:

I am also having an issue with the Strava app. It seems to have just stopped working within the past week or so.

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I have the same issue. It was working fine and displaying all of my run data, then it just stopped working and only displays a clock.

Hey guys - not working for me today either, but was fine yesterday. I was also able to run the app locally using my own API credentials. I imagine this means we’ve reached the API rate limit - the last time this happened we revised updates for everyone from hourly to daily, but I’m not sure pushing this out further is practically helpful.

@Tidbyt Can we reach out to Strava about our API limit? Seems to be popular!


Awesome! I think walking and hiking would be great additions. Will start workshopping this. :slight_smile:


Hi - are there any updates for this? Hoping for a fix soon.

I just bought and received my device today. Cool gadget but sad Strava is not working. Hopefully a fix soon.

Same issue for me. Used to work great but now I just get the clock symbol on my app screen and on the device itself nothing appears anymore. It just seems to skip Stava in the rotation. I tried reconnecting but it didn’t work.

Bought TIDBYT pretty much for this app. Pretty disappointing it doesn’t work.