Stopping the cycling through of downloaded apps?

Hi All I just received my Tidbyt this week and so far so good. Is there a way to not have it cycle through all the downloaded apps? I usually have the time and weather app up but when a game comes on, I want the score to displayed and nothing else. Is there any way to lock an app in or do I need to just delete all the apps except that particular one in order for it to “stay” and not cycle through anything else downloaded? Kind of a pain to delete and reinstall app that I want but not using at that time. Some sort of display/app “lock” button would be awesome. Once the app is unlocked the cycling of all downloaded apps would then continue.

There is a “Pin” option where you can pin certain apps and it will just cycle through those or just lock on only one app. Press and hold on the app and you’ll see Pin or Mute. If you choose Pin it will put it at the top of the list, you can then unpin to put it back into the cycle in its usual spot.

Mute will skip the app in the cycle

Hope that helps