Stocks app not updating on new device

I just got my device and am trying to add the Stocks app. I am configuring for the symbol “RMBS”. There are a few weird behaviors.

About half the time, the app doesn’t show me any results when I type in symbols, until I back out and try again or restart the app.

Sometimes, it does show me results when I enter the symbol, but when I touch the Add button, nothing appears to happen. I have to back out and restart the app or log out and back in to see that it actually added the app to my device’s list.

The last issue is that the emulation of the Stocks app shown in the Tidbyt app is not updating for RMBS (shows yesterday’s ticker), and the device itself never displays the Stocks app. I have no schedule on it. I’ve tried removing and reinstalling the Tidbyt app, removing and replacing the Stocks app, and rebooting the device.