Stock Markets - NASDAQ, S&P

I see similar posts but all have been closed so posting this again. Current stock ticker apps don’t give the option to show the major markets (NASDAQ, S&P500/Dow Jones Industrial Average, commodity markets, etc). Would love to see this app. Thanks

This would be a great addition! Please make this happen!

Yes! especially for commodities. Oil, Nat Gas.

Very odd those tickers are not displaying. When you search for DJIA it brings up the one from NYSEArca, but not NYSE or NASDAQ. Same for several other index funds. Not sure if they are filtering out all index funds, or the source they are using doesn’t have them. Is it a bug, or a missing feature?

Agree 100%.
I have 2 tidbyts and would really like the nasdaq composite 100 and S and P

Idk if you need a different app connected to a different data feed but I’d take that if it’s too much of a pain to do within the stocks app (though I do love the stocks app).

I know that s and p and nasdaq api feeds are sometimes behind a paywall so even if I have to log in or sign up for a feed somewhere that’s ok if one of the no cost feeds don’t work.

List of financial apis for reference if anyone else wants to look more into it:

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I am using some ETF tickers as a proxy, but it’s not the same at all.
I would love to see all major indexes available.
This is a no-brainer…it looks like a stock ticker!

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Hi - also, would there be any possibility of adding “Pre-Market” & “After-Hours” trading data for stocks in general ?

I’d really like the ability to see Australian Stocks, ie: ax.bhp etc?