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RECURRING FEATURE REQUEST: I would like to be able to see how Nasdaq as an index is performing throughout the day through your Stocks app. (also applicable for other indices, such as S&P500, Dow Johnson, etc. Cannot find it though by searching for tickers. Any chance you can help me here? (Or add it). I can find ETFs for Nasdaq such as QQQ, and the company Nasdaq, NDQ but not the index itself - should be at like 14,000 something. Thanks!

So zero responses here. Is this really that hard of an ask? Folks have been requesting this for years.

I’m working on something at the moment, very similar to the Bitcoin ticker app. Should be ready for publishing soon



MontyP, this news literally made my day!! Woot!! Thank you :pray::heartpulse::two_hearts:

Thanks :smiley:

Let me know if there are any particular indices you want to track besides the 3 you mentioned

MontyP, how is it coming along? Happy holidays BTW

Happy holidays to you too!

The app is available to add. Its called Index Ticker

Let me know if there are any other indices you want me to add

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This has absolutely made my day. My Grandpa will be stoked! Thank you @MontyP :blush::heart::raised_hands:

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Hey @MontyP… This looks great! Could you please add BSE and NIFTY index tickers to the app?

No problem :slight_smile:

I’ve added those and submitted for review, might be a week or so before its live

The update has gone through already so you should be able to see them in the app now

I see it Monty. Thanks!

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Another feature request @MontyP , if I may :

Right now we can see the gain/loss in percentage only.

Can you add the option to toggle the gain/loss in points or percentage?

Hey @sidm , sure that’s an easy one :slight_smile:

I’ve added that function and submitted the update for the app

Hey @sidm , the update has gone through and is available now. Showing % change is the default (enabled)