Steam plugin doesn't return results

Hi, there! Love the Tidbyt, thank you to all developers especially. My only problem is that I can’t get the Steam plugin by Jeremy Tavener to return any results, and I play a lot of Steam games. I’ve added my Steam ID, 17 digits and all, but it comes back with “Failed to get the current player summary with code 504” Anyone had a similar issue they can advise me on?

Cc author @jeremy for visibility.

Thanks @pineapple ! @mrcovet , could you DM me your ID?

Of course, like having my father check out my car when I was a teen, today it’s suddenly working. Thank you @pineapple and @jeremy ! I’ll reply again if it starts giving me trouble again.

Hey @jeremy ! I’m having the same issue described above. May I send you my Steam ID?

@MystroKapp - One thing that tripped me up at first is you have to be sure your game activity is set to public in your Steam profile > Privacy. Maybe that’s the case for you?

Thanks, @RipFish ! I did try that. Set everything to public and clicked off the “Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details.” option. I tried it a few times. No results.

@MystroKapp Bummer, was hoping it was something simple! You may have tried this too, but in my case after I made my profile data public, I also had to completely remove the Steam applet from my Tidbyt and re-add.

@RipFish Thanks for the tip. I just tried in and, unfortunately, still seeing the “Failed to get the current player summary with code 504” message.

Hmm… looked into the source code of the Steam app in Tidbyt, and it appears that the API call is just flat-out failing. The 504 error code means ‘gateway timeout’, so it may not have anything to do with your profile specifically. My guess is the API key it’s using is getting overworked with new folks using this app? Tagging @jeremy

Hey all!

I just checked the Tidbyt app for something entirely different this morning and the Steam app seems to be working now! I’m not sure what changed but I’m glad it did.

Thanks for everyone’s help!