Start with coding -> Help for beginner

Hi together,
found this beautiful Gadget while I was working in Amerika and because it’s not possible to order it from Germany I ordered it in my time in Amerika.

Now I want to start with my first little codings and fail already at the beginning. The getting startet site helped but was not detailed enough for me.

My actual point of progress is:
When I type in cmd pixlet version I get the information v0.28 back. So I downloaded the right files and it’s working fine right?

I created the example program, saved the file on the desktop and wanted to push it to

And this is the point where I don’t know how to go on.
I’m typing in the cmd pixlet serve

Then I’m getting the message:
Listening at 172.0.0…….
Error landing applet failed to read file …… the system cannot find the file specific.

Is there a special path where I have to save the code file?

I saw on this site a nice looking editor but I dińt understood where or how to get it :slight_smile:

Would be happy getting a little bit of help at the beginning :slight_smile:

join the discord where people can help in realtime.
since. your star file is on the desktop that is where you need to be in your CMD terminal when executing pixlet. cd Desktop might do it

Worked. Thank you :slight_smile:
Will go to the discord now