Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time glitch

I have one of my Tidbyts setup with the Tempest WX app and Weather app with the 3-day forecast screen. I also have it set to go into night mode from 22:30 through 06:30. This worked fine until the change from ST to DST. At 06:30 the night mode turned off and the two apps cycled normally except that the display was dim with a reddish hue. Later I checked on it and it was displaying correctly but that night, when it switched to night mode, the clock was no longer red, but white. Also, the next morning it again was dim after leaving night mode at 06:30. I went into the Tidbyt app and had to turn off night mode to get the brightness to be correct. I then re-enabled night mode and now it works like is should.

Night mode still is in white and not red. Was this a coincidental change or did something glitch with the time change?