Stale Images after 4-5 days

I’ve been using the tidbyt for years, but over the last 6 months or so, I’ve found that the tidbyt doesn’t update its images after a few days. E.g. im still cycling through the weather and sunset times from 2 weeks ago.

If I hard reset the device, everything works for a few days, but then the images go stale.

I’ve reached out to [email protected], followed instructions, sent device info, but then stopped receiving responses.

I put a lot of love into creating the Surf Forecast app. It’d mean a lot to me if we could get this thing working again.


Dang sorry to hear that. Is it all apps, or just that one you wrote?

I know I’m scanning through the “Support” section but it’s concerning to me to see so many posts about issues of the device stops working or needing resets….not sure how widespread this problem is :grimacing:

I just came here to check on the very same issue. It is resolved with a full power cycle, but why did it just begin happening after all this time? Weather doesn’t update, and the live app information (gold prices, stock prices, crypto, etc.) doesn’t update. I’m not sure of the timing between issues–days, hours–but it is becoming more and more prevalent. It does not clear until I power cycle the device. It used to be that the Tidbyt would do what looked like an internal reboot (Tidbyt logo, ‘firework’, then ‘Connecting’) and all was well. That doesn’t seem to happen anymore, and that’s when I saw the issue begin. Please advise.