Spotify song not updating

On the spotify now playing feature i can only get it to display the first song i start playing but it just stays on that song the whole time. Have tried reconnecting slotify a couple times to no avail

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I think this might be because Tidbyt only renders it once with whatever info is available there, and you would then have to push again to get the info refreshed?
I’m also trying to refresh my bus stop times but looks like I need a script to continuously push so the data gets pulled again :frowning: (as per this post Push Formats (star) · Issue #89 · tidbyt/pixlet · GitHub )

I’ve noticed this too. I got my Tidbyt recently and Spotify only ever shows the first song I play, so it becomes useless. I’ve been using the Sonos integration instead, but that one doesn’t show the album art.