Spotify NOW PLAYING widget

This is my #1 request.

Track Name + Artist, maybe the Spotify Logo?

This should actually be pretty straightforward. Both @matslina and I actually used to be engineers at Spotify :smile:

I’ll see if we can get this out next week.


This is almost ready, but due to (reasons), we need to send a firmware update to everyone’s device to make it work. Soon!


We mentioned this in the last newsletter, but in case someone didn’t see that: Spotify app is now available.

Hi! Is this widget strictly for Spotify or is there a way to adapt it/modify it for other music apps (such as PowerAmp on Android)? I don’t have a Tidbyt device yet and I’m just trying to gauge if this is something possible when I get one.

This particular widget is strictly for Spotify. It’s definitely possible to add more. I’ve never used Poweramp, but if it exposes now playing info, it’s always possible to write something that uses the Tidbyt API and pushes stuff to your device.

Probably the best way to go would be to use the scrobbling feature in Poweramp. If you’re not familiar with it, lots of media players can “scrobble” your currently playing track to your account. While @matslina and I are never going to be able to write an integration for every media player out there, we could potentially write one for

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So I made a account and tried it (didn’t know it existed and tbh it’s pretty cool!). I’m just wondering if I were to attempt to build this myself (the now playing for poweramp that is), how should I go about doing so? It is something that can be done easily using Pixlet?

It should definitely be possible with Pixlet. The one catch — as with all Pixlet scripts at the moment — is that you have to continuously run i somewhere yourself. Basically leave it running in a loop on a computer or server. We’re working on something where you can upload Pixlet apps to us and they become Tidbyt apps, but that’s still very much in development.

In terms of going about it, it’s going to be very much dependent on how the API works. Bu I think the tutorial on building a Bitcoin tracker would actually be pretty similar to what you’d need to do:

The main difference would be that you’re fetching from instead of from whatever API that @matslina used for Bitcoin in that tutorial.

Ok cool! I’m going to look into that then and see what I can do. Thank you for all the help!! :slight_smile:

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Other platforms as well? Tidal? Hifi guy again here haha. They support some of the highest quality audio and they gave a bigger cut to the artists than most.

I think the solution would work for Tidal as well. There’s a whole load of apps that integrate with, so if we integrate Tidbyt with, all of those music services would be integrated too. In retrospect probably I should have written a integration instead of spending time on a Spotify-specific one.

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