Spotify not loading

I have my Spotify account loaded in the tidbyt app, but when I start playing on Spotify, it won’t cycle to the Spotify app. I have to go into the tidbyt app, then into the Spotify applet and save back out again to get it to display.

I’m having this same issue. Can anyone help?

Hey there,

We recently made some improvements to the Spotify app that should make it more reliable. You will have to reconnect Tidbyt to your Spotify account (e.g. by reinstalling the Spotify applet) for this change to take effect.

This has been happening to me today. Spotify is playing and the app isn’t cycling on the device. Gets skipped over completely no matter what configuration is used.

My Spotify also doesn’t load. It just skips over the Spotify cycle.

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Howdy! Has anyone found a solution to this? I just received my Tidbyt recently, with “Now Playing” from Spotify being one of the top selling features for me, and unfortunately, I’m having the exact same issue. Thanks!