Sports team schedules

I’d love a Tidbyt app that displayed the Buffalo Bills schedule. I primarily care about when/where their next game is, but it’d be nice to also to know their record, the score of their last game, and the current score if they’re mid-game (including time remaining, who’s got the ball, and where they are on the field). I did some brief research and found a few different APIs, all of which require a subscription. Perhaps if this is something lots of users want, Tidbyt could foot the bill. Otherwise you’d probably have to scrape ESPN and parse their HTML.


Looks like this might be doable with a free API actually. I just stumbled across TheSportsDB, which is “an open, crowd-sourced database of sports artwork and metadata with a free API.”

I was able to make this work:

$ TEAM_ID=$(curl -sL\?t\=Buffalo+Bills | \
    jq -r '.teams[0].idTeam')

$ curl\?id\=$TEAM_ID | \
    jq -r '.events[0].strFilename'

NFL 2020-11-29 Buffalo Bills vs Los Angeles Chargers
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Sports schedules would be great!!

Would like to have ability for sports scores broadly, not just for major league American sports, but for sports and leagues globally (soccer, rugby, tennis, etc.)