Speaker Integration?

it would be awesome if there was a speaker for alarm functions, as well as things like text to speech ability for announcing weather or auditory notifications for upcoming calendar events or other notable occurrences.

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Hey @wfcampbell, welcome to the Tidbyt community!

So, this is a tough one. We’ve specifically left out speakers and a microphone because we want to be the device without speakers or mics — basically, making it physically impossible to distract you or listen in on you.

One thing I’m considering is adding a simple clicker or buzzer for a “notification” sound. It might make it in, it may not, still experimenting with it both in terms of technical execution and also if it makes sense for the product.


Just wanted to throw in my two cents that a version of this with a speaker and Bluetooth would be fantastic. (alarm clock/blue tooth speaker/visualizations, etc.) I was actually kind of shocked to find that it doesn’t have this functionality. Perhaps in a future version?

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I like and am excited to get by tidbyt, but I would love a future version that was also a blue tooth speaker.

Definitely will keep this in mind for version 2.0!

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You could do a “flash of color” on the display inplace of sound for notifications, perhaps?