Source Code for Spotify App

Im interesed in borrowing some of the source code from the Spotify app but cant locate it.

Is it available? I was under the impression all apps would have their source on Github.


check the repository: GitHub - tidbyt/pixlet: Build apps for pixel-based displays :sparkles:

Already did and did not find it there. I ended up writing my own app hosted locally. Ive now got what I wanted, album art that fills 1/2 the screen, 32x32 pixels.

This is one of the issues I’ve found as well. The apps built by the Tidbyt team aren’t open source unfortunately. There are many that I like and would love to have built on top of, but it doesn’t appear to be an option.

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A lot of their apps are built atop expensive apis and what not and since they are essentially “sponsored” officially (not that right language I’m sure, but them being tied to expensive apis is a pretty good reason to not open source it) by tidbyt there could be other legal things atop of that.

Doesn’t mean you couldn’t do an open source version of their apps if you really wanted to. There are tons of apps that do similar things to some of their official apps.