Sounds like something happened with a bunch of Tidbyts at the same time

My Tidbyt was working fine and completely stopped working, I had it for about a month now it’s stuck on the connecting screen. What do I do? Same thing happened to a lot of people but mine is still not working.

Same thing happened to me… any solution?

Hey all. We had an issue about a week ago with our servers. That’s resolved now, but it seems that some Tidbyts are still having trouble reconnecting. We’ve especially seen this with folks who have a Cisco router.

Generally rebooting both your Wi-Fi router and the Tidbyt (in that order) should get things working again. We are working on a compatibility fix for these routers as well.

If you are still unable to connect after this, please try downloading diagnostic data from your Tidbyt and sending that over to [email protected].