SOUND Transit (Seattle)

Would love to see integration with schedules from SOUND Transit. Greater Seattle metro system.

This would be fantastic along with King Country Metro (the Seattle bus system)!

Maybe even Washington State Ferries for a stretch goal!

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TransSee supports Tidbyt prediction for all these Seattle area transit systems. See Using TransSee with TidByt - TransSee for more information.

Have the app on my Tidbyt but unfortunately see as it gets late in the day that the times are not accurate. At ~10:30-11:00pm PST the frequency of trains goes from every 10 mins. to every 15 mins., and the app does not reflect that. High praise to Jon Janzen for getting this started. Clean layout and great concept. Anyone from @tidbyt know how to reach Jon or if the app is open source that it can updated in where it pulls data from?

Could set up an issue request on the GitHub and try and ping him them.

If you make changes to the app’s source code in the community repo, you’ll have to ping them anyway for their approval.

Looks like their GitHub is @bigfootjon.

Edit: I would try opening an issue first and then cut a PR and ping them if that doesn’t work.

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