Sound to Music Light Display / Animated Light Art Displays

Saw this on Ikea and thought that the variety of colors and number of available lights would be incredibly cool if utilized on Tidbyt. The FREKVENS works via plugging in to a speaker so unsure if this could work since I don’t think Tidbyt has the ability to receive external audio, but could be awesome to have a few different light art displays regardless of syncing to music.

wow they really cheaped on that monochrome display. There is no input on the tidbyt so no it can’t display realtime audio. It would need custom firmware to be able to do that as well. If you really wanted to make it display audio then you could install a digital mic and write some custom firmware to display the audio with pretty colors. Check this out for reference : GitHub - tavdog/ESP32-INMP441-Matrix-VU: And ESP32 powered VU matrix using the INMP441 I2S microphone

I’m definitely not someone who knows how to code, but honestly would be really cool to just have bunch of animations available like that Ikea device even if sound syncing isn’t available!