Sonos now playing

I see posts from '21 and '22 about a Sonos app, but can’t find it. Was it removed? If yes, would love to see a new one!

Uh oh, I was about to buy a Tidbyt for precisely this feature, and now it’s no longer being offered?

Sonos’ API is wide open, Home Assistant and Homebidge work great with it, always revealing Now Playing artwork, song title, artist, album… why can’t Tidbyt manage to work with the same metadata? If this is how Tidbyt handles Sonos integration, I’m no longer inclined to think Tidbyt is the product it’s being billed as…

I have the same question. There is a Sonos app on the Tidbyt website. That was a big reason I bought it.

App is still there. Just got a Tidbyt last week and using the Sonos app right now, working just fine.

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