Sonos improvements

Just got my Tidbyt and I love it! Setup was super easy, and I was happy to see the Sonos app already available. After a couple days using it I have some minor suggestions that might make it a little better.

  1. The song title is in all CAPS. It would be better IMO if it respected the capitalization of the song title itself. With some of the odd music I listen to, case can actually be an important part of the name,

  2. Add a track number, perhaps where the music note icon is now? I know it may not always be available, in which case maybe the music note displays.

  3. When the app first cycles in, any lines longer than the display immediately begin scrolling. Maybe it should display statically for a second or two before scrolling to give a chance to read the beginning before it’s gone?

Overall, these are pretty minor, but could really improve the integration I think - thanks for considering them. And great work on the Tidbyt and the apps!

I largely agree with Steve’s suggestions above regarding potential improvements to the Sonos app, particularly numbers 1 and 3. Admittedly I haven’t used this app a lot yet (just got my Tidbyts yesterday, yay!), but one thing I have noticed is that songs will not always display on Tidbyt, depending on the source of the music. It seems to always display if I am playing something from Spotify (within Sonos), but doesn’t display if I play something from one of the Sonos channels, or from an internet radio station from the Sonos Tuned In app. I’m not sure why this is, but there is no way to tinker with settings to adjust for this nuance, so I’m assuming it is a bug that needs to get worked out (?).

Overall I love the Tidbyt, and understand that they apps are still in their infancy. Looking forward to gradual improvements. Congratulations on getting these out the door just in time for the holidays!