Sonos app not displaying on Tidbyt

Loving my Tidbyt, which I just received a few days before Christmas! Thanks y’all.

I was able to connect my Tidbyt to my Sonos account / speaker, but it doesn’t show what’s playing on my Sonos on the Tidbyt. The phone app’s homescreen does show that it’s on the rotation, although I will note that there is no image (just a little clock icon where the image of the app should be.)

By image, when you add a new app, there’s a preview of what the Tidbyt should show. In my mobile app’s homescreen, it just shows a little ‘clock’ icon.

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Hi, I also just got my Tidbyt and I love it! However, with the Sonos “app” I have exactly the same problem. It would be nice if this could be fixed.

Edit: it seems like it depends on which source you’re playing from on your Sonos, it does work with Spotify as but not with my radio station for example.


Hey folks!

Thanks for backing Tidbyt and so sorry you’re having issues with the Sonos applet. Check out this FAQ for why you see the clock icon.

We have seen a few errors trying to get things like artist information out of a track - which might not exist for all content. We’ll look into it on our end and get it resolved. In the meantime, if you have a link to content that we can play on our Sonos to catch the error in real time, that would be super helpful.

@mark - thanks for the quick FAQ. FYI - I have the Ikea Symfonisk, not a “proper” Sonos. Unsure how I can link to the content, but after playing around a bit today, I can report:

It seems like Tidbyt will show artist info / current track for the following:

Below Sonos services will not appear on my Tidbyt:

  • TuneIn Radio stations (try WNYC, BBC, or Indie88)
  • Sonos Radio stations (was playing Christmas-themed channels like “Holidaze”)

I don’t have any other streaming services on my Sonos, unfortunately.

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Swedish Radio, will not display either

Hi All,
I just wanted to chime in that I also just received my Tidbyt within the last week (and love!), and that I am having the same issues described here in regard to the Sonos app. I confirm the same issues and the same detail around them in terms of the services that work and don’t work. Hope these are easy fixes.


+1 would love to see what’s streaming from Sonos radio stations (including Audacy, TuneIn, SiriusXM, etc). They do show up in the Sonos app so I don’t see how this would be difficult to implement.

I can also add that:
Audacity streaming of a radio station does not work

Streaming from XM radio stations does work.

Hope we can get all content working!

Hey Mark,
For me it just doesn’t show what is playing on my Sonos move speaker. In the living room which is a connect, and my kitchen which are one play are working with the same channel I was playing on the move outside. So looking like not a data stream based on what’s playing is the issue, it’s a device issue.
Thank you,

The other day I had an option to link to a certain speaker. Now that option is gone and nothing is displaying

Hey all, just got my Tidbyt today and got all my apps set up. My Sonos is also not showing any data, which is the main reason I got this thing. I use Tidal for my music service, so I’m wondering if it’s dependent on that? Hopefully we can get a fix up soon!

Hey folks,

We have addressed some bugs we had in the Sonos app. We have submitted a new version of the Tidbyt app to the Apple and Google app stores which should hopefully be available within the next 24 hours.

The update resolved the issue, however the issue has reappeared and the Sonos now playing details are no longer being displayed.

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The update resolved the issue, however the issue has reappeared and the Sonos now playing details are no longer being displayed. I sent an email to support and I am still waiting for a response. The ability to display what is playing on Sonos was the only reason why the unit was purchased.


I still can’t get songs playing on Spotify through SONOS to display on my Tidbyt. It’s connected to both but all I get is a clock. I’ve tried all I can think of but nothing seems to work. Very frustrating given that’s my main reason for getting Tidbyt. Wish there were more information as to how to address this.

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The Sonos app was working for me before, but now it’s not showing anything at all. And it keeps reverting to the wrong speaker.

ditto here. Keeps defering to the wrong player, and is not reliable if that is selected. I’ve not seen any solution from Tidbyt in posts dating to 2021, this was posted in Mar-2023. Memorializing this for thse still looking for a solution in the future.