Some Ideas

Hey Guys,

First of all, I’m really happy that I found your project on Kickstarter, and I’m looking forward to geek into it. So while reading your campaign I just had some ideas in my mind and wanted to share them with you:

Are there some different colors or materials to choose from? (White, Black, Metal)
I would love to see some sensors in it like a temperature sensor or a hygrometer.
It would be awesome to be able to have a connection between the tidbyt and Alexa to turn it on or off, control the brightness, set a countdown, and change between apps.
Then there are some apps and functions I really would love to use/see on the tidbyt - Spotify, Microsoft ToDo, Calendar, App notifications.
A Social Media Follower Counter like they did with “LaMetric”.

All the best <3

Thanks a ton for all the ideas!

Not for the frame itself, at least for this run. It’s been pretty hard just nailing down the one finish, so we’re doing this production run with a walnut frame. Definitely going to explore other options in the future though.

For this run we’re also experimenting with the back plate. It’s currently silver aluminum, but we’re trying out a black finish there and will see what it looks like.

I think actually having these sensors in the Tidbyt is a bit out of the scope of what we’re doing. However, based on a tip from someone else, I just started looking into integrating with the Tempest weather station. This is a thing that’s packed with a bunch of different sensors and works outside, solar-powered. I’m hoping to integrate with it so we can see the data from it on Tidbyt.

100%, this is on the roadmap.

We actually have a Spotify and a Google Calendar integration already :slight_smile: The others are doable, just going to take some time to churn them out!

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