SOLVED: Wifi Connection Fails due to Space in Password

Just had issues going through signup - couldn’t connect to my WiFi until I realized that the autocomplete function had added a space character at the end of my password which was causing the connection to fail. Once I removed the space I was able to connect no problem.

Seems like the iOS application needs to run a trim() operation on the password submission to remove any white space.

I don’t know that this is a good idea. What if you happen to have a space at the end of your password? You’d be prevented from entering it.

I noticed this before the last release, but didn’t address it for the reason @inxi mentioned.

A related issue is that the Wi-Fi password input is actually a plain text box that allows autocomplete at all. We had an internal debate about whether to turn it into a password field where autocomplete isn’t allowed. That would solve issues like this, at the cost of making it more annoying to type in your Wi-Fi password. But probably more secure and safer overall?

I say leave it. I much prefer pasting in my Wi-Fi password. It is common in web pages and other fill-in forms to have to remove the space at the end so this isn’t any different.