SOLVED: Wifi Connection Fails due to Space in Password

Just had issues going through signup - couldn’t connect to my WiFi until I realized that the autocomplete function had added a space character at the end of my password which was causing the connection to fail. Once I removed the space I was able to connect no problem.

Seems like the iOS application needs to run a trim() operation on the password submission to remove any white space.

I don’t know that this is a good idea. What if you happen to have a space at the end of your password? You’d be prevented from entering it.

I noticed this before the last release, but didn’t address it for the reason @inxi mentioned.

A related issue is that the Wi-Fi password input is actually a plain text box that allows autocomplete at all. We had an internal debate about whether to turn it into a password field where autocomplete isn’t allowed. That would solve issues like this, at the cost of making it more annoying to type in your Wi-Fi password. But probably more secure and safer overall?

I say leave it. I much prefer pasting in my Wi-Fi password. It is common in web pages and other fill-in forms to have to remove the space at the end so this isn’t any different.

Whenever you prompt for a password-like field, you should do whatever you can to turn off “helpful” adjustments such as auto-spellcheckers, capitalizers and the like. There’s nothing worse that painstakenly entering a complicated password and having the form processor decides to help you out by correcting what looks to it like a typo.

While I’d recommend not using trailing spaces in your passwords, by all means allow them to be entered (or pasted) into your input fields. But don’t use an entry system that automagically adds trailing spaces onto the users’ passwords.