SOLVED: Pick A Wifi Network - Blank screen

I powered up my unit (the power adaptor was faulty but I used one of my own)
Then I downloaded the app
Then I registered and selected Setup New Device
After entering name and my addrss it gets to a screen: Pick a Wi-Fi Network but that screen is blank. I have strong wifi throughout the house and I can see all the neighbors wifi networks on my phone pretty strong as well.

I’ve already tried restarting it by unplugging and holding the button for 5 seconds.

Any help?

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As I was typing up my problem I saw a potential reason. I was using an old power adaptor that maybe was not supplying the correct ampage. I checked the original power adaptor again and turns out it was the cable that’s busted not the adaptor. So I used my own cable to connect to this adaptor and bingo, it could see all the wifi networks!!

Moral of the story: If you are using your own power adaptor, make sure its strong enough!!

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Had this very issue with a brand new unit out of the box (with merchant supplied cable and power). They did note in the shipment e-mail that “if you have trouble powering it on”, it could be the cable/dongle. I think they should revise this to include “any init issues” as the unit DID power on, but could not drive the WiFi module.