College softball scores please!!!
Specifically Rutgers!

I’d love to work on this for you. Is it something where you would want to follow a specific team like the existing baseball apps or you want it to show scores from all games happening that day across all collegiate softball?

Omg! That would be amazing. I would love scores for Rutgers Softball!

I may not have it out in time before the season is over but I will work on something soon.

I’ll make it have the current situation in the middle (whether it is a final as it is in this case or the occupied bases/count/outs, that kind of thing). Just wanted to give you a rough idea of the plan and if you have any immediate feedback for how you want it to look. Thanks!

That would be amazing! Thank you so much!

In-progress game would look something like this:

When it is a final, it would look like this:

Still working on upcoming game. May not be able to handle doubleheaders out of the box. The API I’m using is not guaranteed to get live in-game stats so I’ll have to make sure to have a rest image in those situations.

If you have any feedback now about how you want the app to look let me know!

We’re almost there. The API I am using isn’t always populated unfortunately for every game. For UK v. Tennessee last night for example I was getting live updates, but for Liberty v. Virginia Tech it didn’t even know the game started.

I should be able to get it released soon and will post here again when I do.

Pull request is up!

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@Marisa the app is live! Enjoy! Let me know if you have feedback and ideas for feature requests!

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Thank you so much! I can’t wait to add it.

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We just added the app! Thank you so much! It looks great!

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