Soccer Tables - Number Rank Request

With the soccer season underway, I love the app that features soccer tables! I do have one suggestion that I thought I’d share. With leagues usually consisting of 20+ clubs, it would be great to have a number for each position in the table to follow along in the standings.

I do understand it might not be possible because some leagues are completely different with how many teams they have (for example: EPL has 20 clubs and MLS has 29 clubs). Just thought I would share! Thank you to all develpoers who help make this product so great!

Hey there,

Soccer Tables is my app, glad you like it! :slight_smile:

I can look into adding a rank, but it will probably take up too much space on the row. I might look getting rid of the W-D-L info and just use points and goal difference instead and that way I can add the rank as well.

I’ll get onto it and keep you posted

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How about this as an example?

I’ve also indicated teams in the UCL/UEL and relegation spots in different colors


Wow, this looks great!! I love the idea of showing relegation and UCL/UEL! I can’t wait to see these new features!

Thank you for the prompt reply and going above and beyond here!

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