Skylark Failing

I’ve been trying to set up Skylark on my system to make some apps, but I’m having a hard time installing it with Go. I see on their GitHub that their Go tests are failing. Is there any other way I can get set up with Skylark to start building apps for my tidbyt?

I believe you mean starlark.

But have you been downloading those separately or trying to download pixlet?

This may help you out. but you can also just download the binary too and unpack that.


edit: here is a link to the main repo GitHub - tidbyt/pixlet: Build apps for pixel-based displays ✨

I’ve been having issues installing starlark as well. Understood that I can just use pixlet to test my code but I would have really liked to have the starlark REPL at hand to test out quick stuff and get used to the language.
I’ve been able to get go to run the “go get -u” command referenced in their Setup Page but it won’t install the REPL tool like it says it should. Shame.
Guess i’ll just learn the hard way with pixlet.