Simple Apps -->leverage with an ACTIVE App tile option

Hi Team,

Great product and thanks for some of the earlier feedback on my ideas.

Additional idea:
[1a] Simple app to select from pre-set displays such as “LIVE”, “On-Air”, “In a Teams Call”, “On the School Run” and option for own custom labels

[1b] Simple app for Countdown timer - with quick pre-sets for 1min, 10min, 15min, 1hour, etc

[2] Allow for a given ‘App’ tile in the tiles to be set to the current active tile, with an associated time period, set from the mobile app, starting immediately {select tile to focus, select tile time duration}, after this it will switch back to the pre-set tile cycle…

Use-case: display “In a Call” for the next 30 mins
Use-case: dispaly “LIVE” for the next 60 mins
Use-case: show a count-down timer (do we have an app for this yet?) - for the next 15 minutes
Use-case: display the 3-world clock app for the next 60mins while I am on an international call
Use-case: display the fancy nixie clock or binary clock as the focused tile, for the next 30minutes
Use-case: show the image logo tile for the next 30 minutes, I have presets for “Sony”, “Panasonic”, “XBOX”
Use-case: show just the night clock stand for the next 5 hours