Show me ALL available apps

Are the apps shown on the TIDBYT website ALL the available apps? I know the TIDBYT website lists some (?) of the available apps but I want to see a list of every app that might be out there. I know I can do a search for apps (on the website), but as far as the TIDBYT display goes, I may not know what apps I want until I see them! :slight_smile: I feel like I am missing out on some great apps that are out there but I don’t know about them.


Maybe there’s a more elegant way but on my phone, if I click to add a new app and then click the magnifying glass/search icon, you can scroll and scroll.


Thanks, I had no idea.

Wow glad to know this - I had wondered the same thing, thanks!

Agreed, I feel like there should be a big button somewhere on the home screen of the app saying “Browse all apps” – even if it just links directly to the search page. This would clue the user in that there more than just the listed apps on the home screen, even if they had to do the search textually.