Shopify x Tidbyt

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Shopify to keep you up to date on your orders in real-time, celebrate milestones and much more. Check out the official Shopify apps in the Tidbyt app. Tidbyt is now also available to buy through


Leave it to Shopify to break something cool!

The Shopify app available within the Tidbyt iOS setup app requires a “counter ID” with no mention of where someone might get that. Searching the web for it reveals a Shopify hardware device with the same name. Investigating that leads to a “Counter” app that can be installed within a Shopify store… but that also doesn’t give you the “counter ID;” it magically bypasses the Tidbyt iOS app and writes directly to the Tidbyt.

I deleted the Shopify app from my store, because the output wasn’t interesting or useful. Now my Tidbyt is stuck with a “We it a snag” error message in regular rotation… and I can’t delete it because there’s no app associated with it.