Shopify x Tidbyt

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Shopify to keep you up to date on your orders in real-time, celebrate milestones and much more. Check out the official Shopify apps in the Tidbyt app. Tidbyt is now also available to buy through


Leave it to Shopify to break something cool!

The Shopify app available within the Tidbyt iOS setup app requires a “counter ID” with no mention of where someone might get that. Searching the web for it reveals a Shopify hardware device with the same name. Investigating that leads to a “Counter” app that can be installed within a Shopify store… but that also doesn’t give you the “counter ID;” it magically bypasses the Tidbyt iOS app and writes directly to the Tidbyt.

I deleted the Shopify app from my store, because the output wasn’t interesting or useful. Now my Tidbyt is stuck with a “We it a snag” error message in regular rotation… and I can’t delete it because there’s no app associated with it.

Did you ever figure out what “counter id” is?

@par , are you able to help us (or point us to help) so we can figure out what to enter for “Counter ID” when we try to use the shopify apps?

Is this explained somewhere? Or has just nobody used the shopify apps since January?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I’ve managed to get everything working, but there’s a particular sequence you need to follow to get everything working correctly. The first step involves installing the “Shopify Counter” application via your Shopify Admin. You then add your device, in this case, the Tidbyt.

Here’s where the process gets a bit more intricate:

From here you can select the apps you’d like displayed on your device, and they will display themselves immediately. However, you won’t immediately see these apps on your mobile app. To resolve this, you’ll need to log out of the mobile app and then log back in. Then you should see the Shopify applications you installed on your tidbit app. When you open up one of these apps, the counter ID should already be filled in.

After this, I installed the other Shopify applications directly from the Tidbyt app store. I copied and pasted the counter ID, and that seemed to get everything working.

However, an issue persists with the accuracy of the data being displayed. Specifically, the daily sales figures shown do not align with my actual sales for the day. The same discrepancy is found in the total orders and monthly totals. I’ve been trying to understand how the system is calculating this data, but so far my hypotheses have not held up. Initially, I thought the daily sales might be pulling from the last 24 hours of sales rather than the total daily sales, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Regarding the monthly totals, it’s currently August 2nd, yet the system is still showing July’s totals, albeit slightly skewed.

Hopefully they get the kinks out. Otherwise I think we’re going to need a community developed app to make this functional rather than a cute toy display.

Just to follow up with my own issues. I’ve figured that in order for the data to be displayed “properly” (I’ll get into that in a second) you need to install the following apps.


Shopify Select

  • EDIT
  • Select Orders Played in last 24 Hours, 7 days, 30days, 365 days and / or custom time period.

Shopify Orders


Shopify Stats

  • EDIT
    • Select Sales Generated in last 24 Hours, 7 days, 30days, 365 days and / or custom time period.

Shopify Sales

Without Shopify Select, and Shopify Stats installed the data will not display correctly. However by adding all of these, you will add a significant number of windows to your device, which I would recommend muting.


When the app displays sales totals for the day, week, month, or year, it’s showing the last 24 hours for daily sales, last 7 days for weekly, last 30 days for monthly, and last 365 for yearly.

While that might seem right, it’s not quite the same. I expect it to show are the ‘Today’s sales’ for daily and ‘Week to Date’ for weekly, as they’re shown in Shopify’s own reports.

Ideally the options for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly totals would be matched to their corresponding reports.

With the calendar turning over to 2024, I thought it would be a good time to ask if there has ever been a resolution to the Shopify counter showing the last 24 hours for “Today”, the last 7 days for “This Week”, the last 30 days for “This Month” and the last 365 days for “This Year”?

Is there an option to show data in respect to the calendar, so that “Today” actually just shows today, etc.?