SF Muni App stopped working

The SF Muni app stopped updating times a few days ago and now seems to have disappeared from the list of apps on Tidbyt. Will it be coming back anytime soon?

Yup, I noticed that too… no longer works and has completely disappeared from the app.

Not sure if the author took it down or what…
Going to give the author a few days to fix it before coding my own solution. Too bad cause I really like it.

Your efforts would likely be equally doomed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Turns out that Muni switched off the API with basically no notice. It’s unclear what the replacement is now without contacting them directly.

Update: I sent them an email as they directed on Twitter, and will update here when I hear back what they suggest to use going forward.

Oooof, ok. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to research this too.

Also following this! My one and only app I used on tidbyt :frowning: Would love to see it up and running again. Found some success with the TransSee app, but that one has a monthly fee and kept on cutting out!

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Hey cooper! Curious if you ever found out what went wrong - any world where this plugin would come back?