Severe Weather Outlook

Is anyone working on a severe weather outlook app that might integrate with NOAA alerts or something? Would be cool to have something that could track severe weather.

I like this! I would prefer an app that is off by default until an alert comes up. I’d also love an animation to play for the weather event. Lighting, blizzard, extreme heat, wind, etc.

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I am working on an NWS weather alert application which pulls from and displays the active alert for a particular lat/long. I have it running successfully and am using the location schema for the user’s current location. That said, I am running into a few issues and am trying to iron out the bugs.

  1. The alerts sometimes contain quite a bit of text based on the alert and for some reason wont always push to my Tidbyt. Trying to determine whether there are file size limitations when pushing to Tidbyt.,
  2. I considered adding icons for the weather alert as someone suggested (i.e. a snowflake for Blizzard Warning) but the Tidbyt display real estate limits what I can comfortably show during a rotation and otherwise makes it look cluttered. I color the weather alert type to convey the severity just as the NWS does in their alerts (i.e. red for Warning, yellow for Watch, etc).
  3. Some locations have quite a few weather alerts active at one time. For example, some desert locales have air quality alerts, red flag warnings, etc and makes displaying all of them at once on a short rotation quite difficult. Currently, I can only display the first weather alert returned which suffices for most, but not all, locations. My concern is if I have a flood watch in my area and then a severe thunderstorm warning is issued I might not see this important information.
  4. Trying to figure out the code snippet in the schema to toggle and display only when active alerts are present. Currently, I only display “No Active Wx Alerts” with the current time when no alerts are present.

Like I said, I am working on these bugs and will try to get this app added at some point once I feel I have it working successfully. If someone wants to collaborate or the Tidbyt team wants to take this code and incorporate it into the current default weather apps then I’m all ears.


saltmyhash Was wondering if you are still working on this or know of someone else who is or has something similar?

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i’m almost done with something simpler

figuring out the NWS’ geolocation has been a bear

any luck with #4 – hide if no alerts is also something i’m not sure how to figure out

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The only reason I don’t have this app in my rotation is because it doesn’t hide if there are no alerts.

Can open a GitHub issue if you’d like or are on there as the author may not check this forum much. Can also trying pinging them here though too.

No luck so far with this feature. I know many people dont want to see anything unless an alert is present.

@lawnchairs sorry didn’t realize that you had authored. You simply need to use return [] instead of return render.Root()

That will make it not display in your app rotation.

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