Severe Weather Alerts/Avisories

Be awesome if someone can create something showing you that there is a severe Thunderstorm/Snow/Tornado/Wind etc… Watch/Warning/Advisory or some sort of an emergency.

It will be kind of cool with a picture. For instance if there is a tornado warning there will be a picture of a tornado and beside it would say tornado warning.

Thank you.

Being from Oklahoma I love that idea! Probably a way to pull that info straight from the National Weather Service.

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@Scutley, this is an excellent idea. I was a little shocked to see no one has done this yet!

@ilovelamp94, yes, you are correct, the NWS has a free use API for grabbing location based severe weather alerts. We can get this data straight from the source!

I built a proof of concept. It gets all active severe weather alert headlines from the NWS for a selected location, then scrolls them across the screen. It worked as predicted meaning this is all very feasible. I’m going to try and put something together over the next week or so to submit as a Community App.

Features I’ll try to immediately implement:

  • Skip being displayed on the Tidbyt unless there is either an active severe weather alert for the chosen location, or there is an error getting data from the NWS. Alternatively, have this as a toggle option for users that want visual assurance every display cycle that there are no alerts.

  • Bold visuals and animation to draw attention from periphery when there is an alert.

  • Images for various alert types.

Potential additional features:

  • Since there is a way to generate QR codes for display on the Tidbyt, it would be nice to provide a quick way for the user to view all available alert information from another device. There may be a couple of challenges to this that I’d have to explore first.

  • Allow user to turn on a test alert to see how they’ll display on their Tidbyt.


This would be and sounds awesome. Thank you so much.

I just noticed today someone else was in process of submitting a similar app! It’s located here:

I’ll hold off on my version unless the other one happens to get abandoned before being published.

With Tidbyt being a global community — I thought I’d mention that the World Meteorological Organization has a list of CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) Warnings around the world: SWIC2.0 - CAP Warnings

Building, testing, and maintaining something to reliably pull from all of those sources is a bit too ambitious for me, but perhaps someone else that comes across this thread might have a go at it.


Thank you I really appreciate it for the help and everything.

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@scutley and @ilovelamp94, I saw the SevereWxAlertsUSA by aschechter88 was published to the Tidbyt mobile app today!


Thank you I really apperciate it

Thanks! Exciting news, Just added it to mine.