Setting up your Tidbyt

Setting up your Tidbyt takes only a few minutes. Here’s the short version:

  1. Plug in your Tidbyt with the included USB cable and plug.
  2. Open the Tidbyt app on your phone (Android, iPhone).
  3. Click on Set up new Tidbyt and enter your Wi-Fi info, and some other details.
  4. Choose what you’d like your Tidbyt to show.

Here’s the process in a bit more detail.

To start with, unpack your Tidbyt box and find the USB cable and plug:

Plug the USB plug into a wall outlet, and use the cable to connect it to the Tidbyt. Your Tidbyt should turn on immediately and show a screen like this:

Now, open and login to the Tidbyt app on your phone (Android, iPhone). Select the option to Set up new Tidbyt. Your phone should now find and connect to your Tidbyt, and ask you for some details to get it up and running.

If everything goes well, you’ll end up on a screen that looks like this:

Tap on the + icon to see the apps that are available for your Tidbyt, and pick one to show.

That’s pretty much it! Let us know if you run into any issues.


Installation was very simple! And the device looks great - it’s larger than I expected.

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Hi Rohan,

I have a question regarding the re-setup of Tidbyt.

If the Wi-Fi network SSID changes, does the Tidbyt have to be completely reset and set up again from scratch to connect to the new network?

Thank you

Currently yes, it does. The reset process is:

  1. Unplug the USB cable on the back of the Tidbyt.
  2. Hold down the blue button the back.
  3. Plug the cable back in, while continuing to hold the button for 5 seconds.

The Tidbyt will be reset and ready to pair with a new network.

Being able to edit the Wi-Fi network of an existing device is on our roadmap, but it needs to be built carefully due to the security implications.


Earlier today, I got a new router and couldn’t figure out how to reconnect my Tidbyt to Wi-Fi. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this comment thread. Thanks for the detailed instructions, @rohan!



Just curious, did you lose your apps that were set up on the Tidbyt? I’ll be changing networks in the near future it would be a bummer to start over.


Hey James, yes, you would. We need to have a better solution for this, but in the meantime please let me know when you’re setting up the device again and I can restore your apps from backup.

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